ST Plastic Surgery) Afreeca BJ거루(BJ Geo-ru) visited ST for his under eye surgery!

 Hello ST People~
How was your weekends?
I went to one of my best friends' wedding on Sat and also sang a song for her there >_<
It was really nervous that I could ever imagine though....
but I am so happy for my friend's happy wedding and everything went well!
I've been informing you guys about weather in Korea now and it did not get any better! Still cold like FROZEN (let it go~ let it go~) but slightly (very little...) better than before.
(ST Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea)
One of my close friends has been working in arrangement committee for Pyeongchang Olympic 2018 for about 2months and she said it is literally FREEZING there.
Pyeongchang in Gangwon Province, where Pyeongchang Olympic 2018 will be held, is known for the most cold weather in Korea and it was colder than -20 when she texted me several days ago....(sensory temperature is almost -30 she said...poor girl T_T)
Today! Ah, several days ago!
We had an event that one of the most popular BJ at Afreeca TV 'BJ거루(BJ Geo-ru)' visited ST Plastic Surgery Clinic for his under eye improvement!
(ST Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea)
BJ Geo-ru has been Afreeca BJ for several years and uploading different exciting stuffs related to daily life~
(ST Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea)
BJ Geo-ru is now in his early 40's and still looks quite nice!
He is very tall, well-figured, and his skin complexion was okay as well~

(ST Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea)
But! When we met him in real, we soon realized why he came to us!
He said he has been thinking about consulting his under eye problem someday and it seems getting severe while working quite hard, drinking lots of alcohol, and smoking~
No problem at ST! Now you are in good hands! +_+

(ST Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea)
It was another cold day last week when he visited our clinic!
While he was waiting for consultation with Dr.Kim, he also did live broadcasted in the waiting room about how he felt and what to expect after the surgery~

(ST Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea)
As soon as he sat on the chair, Dr.Kim noticed the reason why he came to him!
BJ Geo-ru had several problems on his under eyes; bulging fat, hallowness due to tear trough, some pigmentation or more~
Dr.Kim pointed by each one and explained him to understand easily~

(ST Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea)
While consulting, there was also BJ Geo-ru's previously taken photo uploaded on the computer screen~! The reason of taking previous photo before the surgery is for Dr.Kim's further monitoring on surgica progress so you do not need to worry about being uploaded on public! Also, photo sometimes provides more precise view than looking at face-to-face therefore Dr.Kim compares both conditions!

(ST Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea)
Consultation took sometime because they both seemed to have lots to talk about ? ^_^
Alos Dr.Kim pointed his problem and how to improve the current condition one by one~
We will meet him several times more after the surgery for follow up checks and after photos! Cannot wait to see how he will change!!!
Then What is the
Transconjunctival Orbital Fat Repositioning ?
This is a technique to treat simultaneous lower eye fat bulging and the tear trough depression by repositioning the orbital fat and fixing them under the depressions.
Fat bulging will be flattened out together with obliteration of the tear trough depressions.
There is no external scar and down time is very short!
Specialty of
ST Transconjunctival Orbital Fat Repositioning

(ST Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea)
Point skills for ST Orbital Fat Repositioning
It is differenciated from conventional method technique
to prevent recurrence and complications

(ST Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea)
(ST Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea)
Fat Repositioning Surgery requires very detailed technique especially when it is done through transconjunctiva (without external cutting) since the actual view is more limited compared to Lower Blepharoplasty which cuts along the lower eyelash.
(but! If you have visible saggy skin? You would be recommended to have Lower Blepharoplasty for both saggy skin and under eye irregularity improved together~)

Surgery done regardless of age and sex
(ST Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea)
It is not only for women or younger generations, but every patients who have irregularity under eyes due to different problems~

(ST Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea)
ST finds what causes the problem of under eyes and cure with right solutions!

(ST Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea)
With ST! Your under eyes will remain bright and young!!!



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